During this stressful time while the world is fighting the coronavirus, receive a free 30-minute reading. No strings attached! 

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Have you ever wished you could ask the Universe questions?

I receive guidance for people (and animals) by connecting to your celestial guidance team and Universal wisdom. 

If you are facing challenges, at a crossroads, or if you are doing well and looking to expand, the Universe has answers.

During our one-hour session, you may ask anything you'd like to know about your past, present or future.

Guidance always comes through joyfully, and with lots of helpful recommendations and ideas.

Process & Pricing

Each session is one hour, and is over the telephone. 

After the session, you'll receive an invoice in your email from Square. You'll pay via credit card directly on Square's secure site.

A one-hour session costs $150. 


I have been working with Pamela Varma of Joyful Guidance for over five years and her information is always spot on!

She is an extraordinary conduit of very helpful, clear and readily usable guidance from the other side.    

I highly recommend Pam if you want the straight scoop about whatever issues are concerning you.

-- Debra Valentina, Holistic Intuitive Coach for Female Entrepreneurs and Executives


  I can't tell you what a wanted/needed support your Joyful Guidance is.

Thank you from an over-pouring heart!

 -- Amy Lin Thomas


  Pam's guidance both confirmed the direction I was heading and expanded the possibilities. Most importantly, I was reminded that joy is my guide.

I am grateful for Pam’s divine connection and Joyful Guidance. 

  -- Marian


  Pam is the real deal. Her connection to guidance from the angelic realm provides a road map with a direct route to joy! 

Her clear and inspired messages gave me the impetus I needed to release old wounds and access a higher level of vibrational healing.

 -- Melissa


This girl is the best! 

I recommend all of what you do. Everyone can benefit.

Thank you for being you.

— Victoria, California 

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